You're Only as Good as the Last Meal You Serve.

That's Where We Come in.

You're Only as Good as the Last Meal You Serve.

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About Us

We've been in the food and restaurant business for over 50 years with very successful results, so we understand the ins and outs of the business. We're prepared to customize multiple service areas such as product development, market analysis and back-of-house operations.

Our complete staff of innovative culinary chefs, market research strategists, nutritionists and food-service specialists has the experience to provide the right product solutions to help your business grow. After all, we know something about delighting restaurant guests as well as meeting the demands of today's foodservice professionals.

We're your strategic partner offering you premium quality foodservice solutions based on years of insight and expertise.

We offer the following premium and trusted brand name products, as well as a private label option.

Bob Evans Owens Country Creek Kettle Creations

So what do you say? Let us customize a successful plan for your needs. Because you take pride in what you do, and so do we.

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